Being a microblading artist is one of the hottest and most up and coming professions. If you are wanting to ramp up your career in The beauty industry this is career field for you. Not only can you earn a substantial income, you can feel good about yourself and how you are helping others build confidence. Pickture Perfect Brows & Beauty Boutique will give you the training you need to accelerate your career.


Gain hands on experience in a small class setting. Confidence in your abilities is extremely important to us. We offer on-going mentorship and working side by side with an experienced trainer until you are comfortable with your abilities. You will work with practice skins and eventually work on a live model while being supervised by your trainer.


To us you are not just a number. You are someone that needs this career to be successful in life and we want to help you achieve that success. When you choose our program you become a part of our family. You will have access to YouTube videos that will help you grow and are available to view at any time.  We are here to empower you and encourage you and will provide ongoing support. 



  • Get the attention you deserve with small class sizes. Pickture Perfect Brows will not have more than four students per class. Your models will be completed one on one with your instructor at a later scheduled date.
  • Learn multiple stroke patterns. Every person is different and so are their eyebrows. You will learn eight different stroke patterns that are sure to fit yours and your clients needs.
  • Color Theory is essential to beautifully healed eyebrows. This is why Pickture Perfect Brows gives you a manual and DVD that includes a lesson on color theory. It explains skin tones, undertones, and the healed colors behind them.
  • Pre Course Kit sent after deposit is made. Receive a pre-course kit with manual and DVD to practice before the hands-on portion of your class. (If registered at least 2 Weeks before class date)
  • This is not a get rich quick career. It takes many, many hours of practice and sweat equity. Be prepared to have studied, practiced and write down your questions and concerns before the hands-on portion of your class.
  • Certificate will only be given if instructor deems the student capable. Practice work after training will be turned in each week and reviewed for competency.
  • You will receive On-going Support by a Mentor and Direct Contact with Your Designated Trainer. Our support will never end. We want to ensure your success and confidence in your abilities.
  • Starter Kit is provided. The starter kit includes approximately $350 in high quality pigments, numbing agents and supplies to get you started and on your way to a successful career.

Topics Included In Training:

Safety, Health, How to Avoid Contamination Microblading Technique, Color Theory, and Color Correction, Stroke Patterns, Client Consultation, After Care,  Marketing Information and more.

Full Classes are offered for $1449.

Refresher Classes- 8 Hours for $600
One on One Coaching also available at $75/Hr.

We offer group discounts. 

CLICK on our calendar to see class dates and times and pay your $750 deposit. Then register for the class. NOTE: Your seat in class is not reserved until deposit is paid.