Ultimate Minx Mogul Formula Collection

Ultimate Minx Mogul Formula Collection


Our Ultimate MM Formula Collection is a full kit which includes 17 of our most popular brow, liner, and lip pigments. These are the essential colors from each modality that will be perfect for the vast majority of your procedures. There is a good mix of warm, cool, and neutral colors perfect for every skin type.

There are 7 brow colors, 2 eyeliner colors, and 8 lip colors.

Beige Blonde, Truly Taupe, Coffee, Sienna Brown, Dark Chocolate, Espresso
Midnight, Minx Carbon Black, Mixing Black
Ms Natural, Minx Melon Pink, Rose Pink, Pretty Pink, I Want Red, Tawny, Burgundy Wine, Coral

Please note these Pigments are Machine Use Only! View our other kits for our Microblading Formulas!

All bottles included in this kit are 0.50oz

The Kit also includes 1 Pigment Guide and dropper tops for each of the 17 bottles.

Buying these 17 pigments in our kit gives you a savings of $75.

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