Your Brows Make The Difference

Beautiful eyebrows are all the rage but is it a passing fad?

It all depends on what the style is at the time. But no matter who you are, having any brows at all is important and can make the difference between high or low self-esteem.

Thick is in right now. But that is not what you have to choose. Our clients have thin or thick brows, square or round bulbs, and pointy or curved arches. The biggest thing we consider when designing the perfect shape for your face are the measurements we create through a process using string, a sticky ruler and a straight edge. It helps us determine where the bulb of the brow will start, where the tail will end and how much of an arch you should have.  Another factor we take into consideration is your preference. What do you like? What do you want to look like? Finally, we have to consider the shape of your face. Different face shapes need different kinds of brows.

Take a look here to see what is best for your face. Click here for info on Brow Shapes

A thicker eyebrow may be a fad but having eyebrows is not. Thankfully microblading and powder brows were created to give people a more natural brow look versus a permanent solid eyebrow tattoo. For more information about microblading or powder brows and FAQ’s visit us by clicking here at Pickture Perfect Brows & Beauty