Loving The Skin You're In

Having gorgeous, flawless clear skin with even complexion is the one thing that can sometimes seem to be the hardest to obtain!  Especially when you’re dealing with acne. 

When you have acne, it can be one of the hardest conditions to control. However, it’s more common than you think and quite often a sign that something is going on or out of balance within your body and you need to do a little investigating and find the root cause of that issue.

There are several reasons you could have acne; so you have to think and ask yourself … WHY?


 Why am I having these issues?  Well, I’m here to help and tell you there could be a million reasons, why you could have acne and skin problems.  Check our a few of the reasons below:

What Are You Eating???? 


Like they say YOU are what YOU EAT!!

You can have breakouts due to your intake of dairy. This is mainly due to the hormones within dairy product and the effect they have on your body. The effect of the intake of excessive hormones can show thorough those pesky pimples!!

Allergies to certain foods as well as by products can also cause inflammation. Do you know if your body is insulin resistant?


This means the cells within your body open to receive glucose, yet sugar stays in which will cause inflammation and guess what!! It will show through your skin and pores.

*Other signs of insulin resistance are, excess weight, blurred vision, increased thirst, feeling cranky (Gotta Love Those Mood Swings), and fatigue. If you think you may be insulin resistant; be sure to contact your primary care physician or get checked out at your local clinic ASAP.  Remember; Health is Wealth* 

What Are You Using OnYour Skin?? Skin Care Products


If you’re like me, you probably purchased everything at your local Walgreens or CVS trying to get rid of the one pimple that would not go away!!

First, your skin has its own microbiome, an ecosystem of microscopic organisms living on its surface. A healthy level of oil on your skin helps support beneficial microorganisms that keep your skin clear, calm, and happy.

Second, when your skin oils are in balance, your skin’s oil production is a supply and demand system. If it’s dry, you make more oil. Oily, you make less. Things like hormones, insulin, and toxins can disrupt the balance. If you intentionally dry out your skin, thinking that removing oil is good for you, your skin will respond by ramping up oil production. Then you get more acne. If you’ve ever broken out after a really intense exfoliation regimen, you likely went too hard on your skin.

That’s because your skin is now trying to repair itself after you’ve went haywire on it. Just chill and be gentle, treat your skin like a newborn baby.

Try to avoid fragrances, anything with strong astringents, or any other chemicals.

Are Your Hormones Out Of Whack


What to look for when your hormones may be out of balance and need to be restored:

•   Do you see acne appearing along your jawline, chin, or cheeks?

•   Are you breaking out during that “Time of the month”?

•   Is your acne inflamed and really deep into your pores?

If you speak with your doctor about this be careful; because they will prescribe hormonal birth control to help your skin, but birth control does not balance your hormones, and the havoc it causes on your body isn’t worth it.  Trust me I know all too well!!!   DON’T DO IT


Detox Your Body and Get It All Out


Your sweat, digestion, urinary system, and especially liver all play a role in how your body deals with everyday toxin exposure.  

When one system slows down or gets overburdened, the other systems jump in to pick up the slack. It’s a beautiful arrangement when toxin levels are manageable and no system is severely compromised. 

When other systems have too many toxins to deal with, or a major slowdown of other systems (especially the liver), the extra toxins come out of your skin. On the way out, these toxins (which include excess hormones) can cause damage and inflammation to surrounding cells, and that’s what you see as acne, rashes, and redness.


Your skin goes through a detox from the inside out. Therefore, you have to approach skincare as well as acne the same way and attack it from the inside out as well.

Address the root cause from the inside of your body, while you address the appearance on the outside.

Easy Peasy Everyday Skin Care Regimen

•   Wet Your Face

•   Use a gentle cleanser that retains your skin’s moisture

•   Wash your face in a circular motion

•   Pat Dry

•   Don’t Rub

•   Be Gentle



While you’re treating your acne, you’ll want to get rid of those layers of dead cells that aren’t turning over quickly enough to open up your pores.

Avoid harsh scrubs.

•          A retinol cream, lotion or serum containing bakuchiol, a natural retinoid

•          A lotion or serum containing lactic acid

These gently remove your old damaged skin cells and you will have nothing. But space and opportunity for fresh new cells as your pores release all of the built-up dirt and grime that is causing your acne.  

As you see your skin improving you can continue your skin care routine on a daily basis or lessen it to a few times per week.


You might think that drying out your acne will get rid of it. But you’re wrong!!  

Try to find a moisturizer containing lightweight non-comedogenic oil which is less likely to clog your pores.

Oily skin responds well to oils like olive, grapeseed, hazelnut, argon, and jojoba oils, among others.

Some can use extra virgin coconut yet it may be too heavy for some to use on your face, coconut oil can absorb quickly and leave your skin hydrated and non-greasy. 

 Of course, the best moisturizer of all is the oldie but goodie H2O!!!

Written by DeezBizness for Pickture Perfect Brows & Beauty Boutique