Our microblading services are located in North Fort Worth making it convenient to travel.

We are only about 20 minutes from the DFW Airport.​ 


Pickture Perfect Brows & Beauty Boutique offers a comprehensive course on the use of microblades to create semi- permanent hair strokes on clients through the application of a fine blade implanting pigment under the skin.  This manual technique was originated in Japan and has been around much longer than most realize. It did not become popular in the United States until more recently.This technique will help those with thin and sparse brows, those who need a total eyebrow reconstruction, and those that just do not want to take the time to fill in their shape every day.   

     Why choose Microblading?

 Being a microblading artist is one of the hottest and most up and coming professions. If you are wanting to ramp up your career in The beauty industry this is career field for you. Not only can you earn a substantial income, you can feel good about yourself and how you are helping others build confidence. Pickture Perfect Brows & Beauty Boutique will give you the training you need to accelerate your career.


Gain hands on experience in a small class setting. Confidence in your abilities is extremely important to us. We offer on-going mentorship and working side by side with an experienced trainer until you are comfortable with your abilities. You will work with practice skins and eventually work on a live model while being supervised by your trainer.

     Why choose Us?

To us you are not just a number. You are someone that needs this career to be successful in life and we want to help you achieve that success. When you choose our program you become a part of our family. You will have access to YouTube videos that will help you grow and are available to view at any time.  We are here to empower you and encourage you and will provide ongoing support. 


Our program consists of:

100 Hours of Training-Three Days With instructor and Self Study

  • Safety, Health, and How to Avoid Contamination
  • Microblading Technique, Color Theory, and Color Correction
  • Client Consultation, After Care, and Marketing Information
  • On going Support
  • Mentor and Direct Contact with Your Designated Trainer
  • SPCP Book- "Permanent Cosmetics: The Foundation of Fundamental Applications and Student Workbook

Certificate of Completion will be given once model is completed.


Full Classes are offered for $2000. Currently $499 off. Includes approximately $400 in pigments and supplies to get you started and on your way to a successful career.

Refresher Classes- 8 Hours for $600

One on One Coaching also available at $75/Hr.

We do offer group discounts.

Call to speak with us about your goals and dreams today at 1-844-407-3733

Upcoming Classes

January 19-21      1 Spot Open

February 16-18     Open

March 16-18         Open 

REFRESHER AND ONE ON ONE CLASSES ARE CUSTOMIZABLE. Contact Misty to discuss at 972-832-5550.


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