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Micro Needling Contraindications

Keloid or raised scarring
History of eczema or psoriasis (must not have active flare up)
History of Actinis keratosis
History of Cold sores, fever blisters or Herpes simplex
Raised lesions or moles in treatment area (must avoid these areas)
Uncontrolled diabetes
Autoimmune disease (may not heal as quickly or have as good results)
Collagen Vascular disease
Cardiac abnormalities
Rosacea and blood clotting problems
Active bacterial or fungal infection
Scars less than 6 months old or that are hurting, raw, or inflamed
Facial fillers in last two months
Botox (can do 10-14 days after)

Possible Side Effects from Micro Needling

Side effects are rare with Micro Needling. However, some possible, rare side effects are:
Allergic reaction to steel or serums used
Robust inflammation of treated area
Persistent itching
Cutaneous eruption (acne)
Reactivation of pre-existing Herpes Simplex Virus (cold sores & fever blisters)—Ask your doctor for an antiviral a couple of weeks before your appointment.

What to Expect After Micro NeedlingTreatment

Day 1     Patients should expect mild to moderate edema and erythema, similar to a mild sunburn. There may be some mild bruising in some patients as well.

Day 2     Some persisting redness may be present, but all redness, bruising, and swelling should be diminishing.

Day 3     Most redness, bruising, and swelling should be nearly gone. Normal appearance with makeup can be achieved.

Day 4     Patient should appear mostly normal at this point with some minor swelling.

Micro Needling After Care Instructions

Immediately after treatment your clinician will apply a calming serum.

Do not touch the face with dirty hands. Before applying any serum, wash hands and use hand sanitizer.

Being in the sun should be avoided until Day 4. If you should have to be in the sun, wear sunblock at least SPF 30 (preferably micronized zinc)

Day 1                    Do not wash face for 12 hours after treatment. Use serum a couple of times depending on time frame. No strenuous exercise,       sweating or sun exposure.

Day 2-3                Use serum provided/purchased a few times a day.  No strenuous exercise, sweating or sun exposure.

Day 4                    Normal activity and products can be used.